Best of Puffin
The Puffin has gone through each and every web page on the server, looking for the best pages. Here they are.
Puffin Handbook
The Puffin Handbook is a guide to creating web sites on Puffin. It includes a HTML tag listing and specification, a Perl troubleshooting page, example Perl scripts, and more.
Letters to Puffin
Maybe your question has already been answered in this section. Or maybe you can get a great idea for your website here. You never know until you try.
Puffin is a Web Server dedicated to the needs of PTI NET Alaska customers. Puffin is meant to address the desires of those who want a more dynamic, exciting website, with the inclusion of Perl CGI programs, Java apples, and scripting.
Puffin uses a dedicated T1 line to connect to the internet backbone, for high-speed web serving.
For help with your site on Puffin, feel free to mail the Puffin, at, with your questions. The Puffin will help you from everything from FTP problems to Perl scripts. If you have a problem on Puffin, go to him first. Your question will end up with the Puffin anyways, you may as well send it to the source right away.